As a second year Computer Science student at Aston University, I have developed various skills to aid me in my future field, this is evident through both my freelance work and projects. Recently, I have been chosen to design/develop a website for Aston University’s annual AstonHack. Alongside this task, I am in the process of completely redesigning/developing the ACSS website. I’m a self-motivated individual that is confident to multi-task, reliable and creative with excellent communication and management skills and I have been fortunate to study my passion and create opportunities for myself within the technology sector of employment.

In my current Team Project, we were tasked with the creation of a game, and developing a website that showed the stages of its creation, and the release. I took on the role of developing/designing the website. This was an unprecedented change for me as I have no prior experience of gaming websites as my main clientele share no resemblance to the unique style associated with games. The role of creating the website was an exciting challenge that helped me adapt to new environments, grow with my team and persevere.

My time spent on these projects and clients has resulted in my improved communication and advisory experience for future projects. This experience in conjunction with my conceptual understanding from my degree have improved my skills and allowed me to perform my current role as a Web Developer.

Feel free to contact me for further information regarding my projects using the contact information below for further insight into my work or view my LinkedIn page if you have any queries or potential opportunities you would like to discuss.

Acquired Experience

Technical Skills


Responsive and Mobile Design

With the growth of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, more and more people use small screens to view and read web page information which is why this is a vital skill to not only learn but implement.



For a programmer, Java is an essential skill as it opens the mind to the foundation of problem solving which is vital for any job that you face in the industry making it an excellent choice for cross-platform applications, including web applications.



With the ability to write design code in HTML and CSS, I learnt how to program in JavaScript. JavaScript has become integral to the Internet experience as developers build increased interaction and complexity into their applications.



Whether you are a developer or not, you should know basic HTML/CSS. They are the basic building blocks of web page structure and style. HTML determines the structure of the site, and CSS handles the visual appearance.

Acquired Experience

Soft Skills



Working as a web designer/developer is intensely focused on communication with clients. Clients will often offer their ideas to begin with and is up to people with expertise to create the best possible website to improve the businesses reputation.



Despite common misconception, web designer/developers very rarely work in isolation. In fact, more often than not, they are required to operate as part of a team, such as working with clients to reach a solution.



Whilst creating websites, I have had to manage unusual circumstances where there are no explicit instructions from the client, so I learnt how to make my own judgment and gained the confidence to make difficult decisions.


Time Manaagement

It is difficult to manage time in any creative pursuit which is why balance in vital for staying on schedule with project deadlines. A healthy amount of time injected into the project means that work can be conducted in an effective manner.


Problem Solving and Preseverance

The problem must be solved in order to move to the next step even if a web developer doesn’t want to deal with an issue at the moment, often, we have to keep going to find a solution. Perseveration is the key to success.


Critical Thinking

Being able to identify a problem, analyse the details, and formulate an effective solution is an important aspect of wed development. It helps assess why certain solutions might not work and saves time in coming up with the right approach.



Project One

Official AstonHack

Project Two

RA Chartered Accountants

Project Three

Survival Space

Project Four

Silver Birch Care Home